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The Raiders, a non-profit organization, skate out of SkateQuest of Reston. It is a twin-rink facility just off the Dulles Toll Road in Reston, well-positioned to serve the Northern Virginia and metro D.C. area. Read More

Raiders House Program Details for 2020-2021 Season

Outlined below is the current plan for the 2020-21 house season given the current return to play guidelines from the state of VA and USA Hockey.  Also outlined below are the current guidelines from Skatequest as well as the Raiders COVID19 policy.  Keep in mind these guidelines are subject to change based on the increase or decrease in the COVID19 case numbers. 


In order to confirm your player's spot in the House program, confirm your player's current 2020-21 USAH # and pay the program fees. 

REGISTER for USAH 2020-21 OR CHECK YOUR 2020-21 REGISTRATION # HERE. Once you confirm that your player has a current USAH # (the 4th digit will be a "1"), please ensure their current registration number is in their RRHC online account (follow steps below).

  1. SIGN IN to the website in the upper right corner (the top of the web page should display "Welcome YOUR NAME.") 
  2. To update your player's USAH #: once signed in, select your player's name listed in your family account, then scroll down and enter their current USAH # and submit. 
  3. To pay your balance, select Edit My Account from the bottom of the website left menu, scroll down and follow prompts to pay the balance no later than Monday, 9/7/2020. 
  4. If you have any questions about registration/payment, please email  .

Overall Concept due to COVID19:  We have had to make some modifications to the structure of the league and the start of the season.  The modifications to the normal beginning season events are detailed below.  We will start with practices structured by the league.  The normal start of game play is usually the first weekend in October.  This will be pushed back to late October.  The weekend game slots will be used for additional practice time up until the time games begin.  There are also additional rink restrictions detailed below.


Evaluations: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we will not be scheduling formal evaluations for this season. Players will be evaluated during the first several practices.  


On Ice:  As much as possible players will be placed in pods for practice.  If there are two teams practicing on the ice they will not be mixed for drills.  This procedure has been implemented for travel practices and will continue for house practices.  


Coaches:  All coaches must wear masks when on the ice and in the facility.  We will limit the number of coaches on benches during games to two.  One coach may be stationed off the bench area to deal with equipment and other issues that come up.


House Draft:  In past years, the draft was scheduled following evaluations. This season, players will be grouped for practices. After several weeks of practices, players will be broken into teams for game play.  


Jamboree:  Unlike past years we will not be holding a jamboree.  The rink guidelines will not permit a jamboree.  The start of actual game play will be delayed giving the coaches of each league more time to evaluate players during practices.


Practices:  We will begin practices in mid/late September.  The exact date will be released soon, the final ice operations plan is being put together.  The following is the practice schedule for each league.

8U: Monday / Friday

10U: Wednesday

12U: Wednesday's / Fridays

14U: Mondays

16U/18U:  This league will have a few practices at the start of the season and will then transition to just games.


8U Silver & 8U Black:  As they have been in the past these rosters will be selected after the start of house practices.  In the past these teams would start to be selected at the evaluations and players would be selected into the first month of the season.  This year they will likely be selected using the practices to evaluate players however there might some weekend slots in September to do some 8U evaluations.  


Games:  Final game procedures are still being developed and we are taking what we have learned from the travel teams who have started to practice and will play games ahead of the house program.  Some possible, if not probable options will include limiting games to 4 on 4 hockey, limiting the number of coaches on the bench, limiting the number of people doing the scoresheet and clock responsibilities,  and altering where players serve penalties.  In some leagues players are serving penalties to the side of the bench area to limit the number of people potentially in contact with the players.  


Leagues:  Based on the current registration numbers the number of teams in each league is listed below.  The number of teams is based on pre-registration so the final number of teams may differ.  However, roster sizes will potentially be smaller than in past seasons.  


8U: 10 teams

10U: 4 teams

12U: 4 teams

14U: 4 teams

16U/18U: 4 teams


Skatequest Health Screening and Rink Guidelines:

· We have worked closely with our Skatequest rink partners and will be following their guidelines for all players, parents, coaches and others that will be coming in and out of the rink during tryouts.

· All people coming in and out of the rink will need to adhere to the following guidelines:

· All players may need to arrive at the rink dressed to skate, with the exception of skates, helmets and gloves. Details about locker room availability will be confirmed.

· All people entering into the rink will need to use the designated entrances and exits for either the NHL or Olympic rink

· Players, parents and coaches will not be able to enter their respective rink or check-in until 20 minutes prior to the start of the scheduled sessions.

· Upon entering the rink, EVERYONE must be wearing a mask!! Players will be able to remove their masks when they put on their helmet and then proceed to the bench area for their practice session.

· Masks must be worn by everyone else while in the rink.

· There will be a no-touch temperature check and brief health screening administered by the SkateQuest staff. Players should plan to remain in their vehicles with their parents in the air conditioning prior to entering to ensure their temp is normal should it be extremely hot outside

· Once inside the rink players/parents must proceed to their assigned rink.  Maintain social distance in the stands and rink area.

· Players should bring re-sealable water bottles that are already filled with them to the rink and labeled with their names.  The water fountains will not be accessible and no water bottles should be shared.  When placing the water bottles spread out along the bench area.  

· Locker Rooms will be closed, all players must come to the rink dressed to play.

· ONE PARENT PER PLAYER will be allowed in the rink with a max capacity of 50 parents on the NHL Rink and 40 parents on the Olympic Rink.

· Once the practice sessions are over players must place their masks back on, remove their skates and exit the rink through the designated exit as quickly as possible.  This will allow the rink staff may do the required cleaning and then allow the next group to enter the rink.


If you have any additional questions about the fall house league, please email the house director at  .

by posted 09/03/2020
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