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The Raiders, a non-profit organization, skate out of SkateQuest of Reston. It is a twin-rink facility just off the Dulles Toll Road in Reston, well-positioned to serve the Northern Virginia and metro D.C. area. Read More

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Raiders Spring Selects Program 2021 - Tryouts & Program Details
Reston Raiders Spring Selects Program The Reston Raider Hockey...
Raiders Spring House & High School Leagues - Program Information
2021 Raiders Spring House League   Spring League...
Raiders - SkateQuest COVID-19 Rink Guidelines
Below are the current COVID-19 Guidelines for entrance to SkateQuest...
Raiders Spring Selects Program 2021 - Tryouts & Program Details

Reston Raiders Spring Selects Program

The Reston Raider Hockey Club is pleased to announce that we will be fielding Spring Select Teams once again this spring.  This is a separate program from our Spring House League and will allow for players to continue developing their skills in a competitive environment.  The Spring Selects Program is tailored towards the players that are currently playing or interested in preparing for our Travel Hockey tryouts to be held the end of May/beginning of June.

Mixed Teams at All Age Levels

One change that the Raiders are implementing for our Spring Selects and Raiders Travel teams going forward is that we will be moving from Birth Year teams on our 10U – 14U teams and we will have mixed birth year teams at all age levels.  This is a departure from our most recent policy and a return to how we used to select our Travel & Spring Selects teams. Our Hockey Development and Raiders Board of Directors recently approved this change and we feel that this will allow us to better place our teams at appropriate USA Hockey levels (i.e. AA, Upper A, Lower A, etc.) to allow our teams to better compete at each of those levels.

All players registered for our tryouts will compete against all players at their respective age levels and teams will be selected based on their performance and selected for Blue, Silver, Black & White (where fielded) teams.

Spring Selects Program intends to field 20 teams this spring.  They will be fielded at the following birth year levels with the following Head Coaches: 



Head Coach

8U Blue

TJ Mathieson

8U Silver

Mike Parks

10U Blue

Tom Scott

10U Silver


10U Black

Bill Iles

10U White


12U Blue

Matt Scodellaro

12U Silver

Rich Scigaj

12U Black


12U White


14U Blue

Simon Roberts

14U Silver

Seth Johnson

14U Black


14U White


16U Blue

Dan Sheehan

16U Silver

Jon Cooper

18U Blue


Girls 19U

John Ezzard

Girls 14U 

Shane Arbuckle

Girls 12U





Teams at the 8U level will consist of no more 18 players.  The teams at 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U & 18U teams will also consist of at least 15 skaters and 1 or 2 goalies.  Our Blue teams will be our top teams and will consist of the top rated players at tryouts. Our Blue teams will compete at the AA level.  Our Silver, Black, & White teams will then be selected based on the next rated group of players and those teams will be placed based on the Coaches assessment of ability (generally Upper A or higher for Silver, Lower A or higher for Black and B or higher for White). Several teams at our Black & White levels are noted with TBDs, but we have potential coaches for those teams already in mind, but final decisions and announcements on those coaches will be announced closer to or during the tryouts.  White teams will be fielded if we have enough players registered for tryouts.

The program will consist of 10 half-ice weekly practices, and the cost of the program will be $450, tournament costs will be determined by each team, based on the number of tournaments they plan to attend, and those costs will be covered by the team. The practice schedule will be as follows:


10U Black & 10U White - 6:10 - 7:30 pm


8U Blue & 8U Silver - 5:40 - 7:00 pm

10U Blue & 10U Silver - 6:10 - 7:30 pm

12U Blue & 12U Silver - 7:10 - 8:30 pm

12U Black & 12U White - 7:40 - 9:00 pm

14U Blue & 14U Silver - 8:40 - 10::00 pm

16U Blue & 16U Silver - 9:10 - 10:30 pm



18U Blue - 8:40 - 10:00 pm


Girls Selects - 6:10 - 7:30 pm (See Note Below)

14U Black & 14U Whtie - 7:10 - 8:30 pm

Registration for tryouts is now open will open and will remain open through 11:59 PM Friday, March 6th.  There will be no walk-in registrations allowed.


Our Girls Select Sessions will be a combined session, similar to last Spring with Girls eligible from the Girls 12U ages – 19U ages sharing the ice. There will be no tryouts for the Girls Spring Selects Teams.

Tryouts will be held to select the teams at each level.  It is recommended that all players attend both tryouts, but all players must attend at least one session to be selected for the team.  The Tryout schedule is listed below:


8U Group 1 – March 15 – 6:00-7:20 pm  & March 17 – 5:40 – 7:00 pm
8U Group 2 (If Needed) – March 15 – 7:30 – 8:50 pm & March 17 – 7:10 – 8:30 pm
10U Group 1 - March 16– 5:40 – 7:00 pm  & March 18 – 5:40 – 7:00 pm
10U Group 2 – March 16 – 7:10 – 7:30 pm & March 18 – 7:10 – 8:30 pm
12U Group 1 – March 15 – 6:10 – 7:30 pm & March 17 – 6:10 – 7:30 pm
12U Group 2 – March 15 – 7:40 – 9:00 pm & March 17 – 6:10 – 7:30 pm
14U Group 1 – March 16 – 6:10 – 7:30 pm & March 18 – 6:10 – 7:30 pm
14U Group 2 – March 16 – 8:40 – 10:00 pm & March 18 – 8:40 – 10:00 pm
16U Group 1  – March 16 – 7:40 – 9:00 pm  & March 18 – 7:40 – 9:00 pm
16U Group 2 – March 16 – 9:10 – 10:30 pm & March 18 – 9:10 – 10:30 pm
18U – March 15 – 9:00 – 10:20 pm & March 17 – 8:40 – 10:00 pm

The tryout fee is $50.  In order to tryout, you will have to register for tryouts on the Reston Raider website.

One note on the Group listings above. Due to the age groups being combined to select mixed teams, if we have more than 50 players registered for a age level (i.e. 8U, 10U, etc.), we will split the age level into two randomly assigned groups to keep the number of players on the ice below 50 players for each sessions.  This will make it easier for our evaluation group to properly evaluate all players.  You will receive an email with the group assignments prior to tryouts. The group assignments can also change from night one to night two based on the coaches/evaluators discretion.

For more information on the program, please contact Kevin Burch at  .

by posted 01/24/2021
Raiders Spring House & High School Leagues - Program Information

2021 Raiders Spring House League


Spring League is intended as a fun time for where teams play games without standings. It runs from March 19th until May 31st with 4-5 practices and 9-10 games (Mite House players will have a slightly different schedule, see below). Registration for Reston members (currently playing in a Reston Raiders program) is now open and on February 15th it will be open to new Reston Raiders members. All games are non-checking.


8U (Mite) Eligibility

The Spring House program is open to birth year 2012, 2013, and 2014 players with prior experience.  Prior experience includes:

  • Participating in the 2020-21 Reston Raiders Mite House program
  • Participating in the 2020-21 Reston Raiders IP2 program
  • Participating in the 2020-21 Reston Raiders IP1 program AND certified as eligible to play Mites by the IP Director

Parents of 8U age players who have not participated in the Reston Raiders Initiation program and have at least one season of prior hockey experience should contact IP Director Mike Donovan at  to determine their eligibility.  


Tentative Schedule

The schedule will not be completed until registration is finished because the number of players in each age group will determine the number of teams which, in turn, will determine the schedule. A permanent schedule will be published soon after registration is closed. There will only be 4-5 practices during the entire season so practices will not be held every week. 

Age Groups

8U (Mite) - House players that are 2012 and younger and travel players from 2013 and younger will play in 8U.

Tentative Schedule

Practices: Fridays (6-10 Practices)

Games: Sunday mornings (8-10 Games; 15 – 17 ice slots per team)

Cost: $400


10U (Squirt) - Travel players from 2011 and 2012 and house players from 2010 and 2011 players will play in 10U.

Practices: Wednesdays

Games: Saturday mornings

Cost: $400


12U (Pee Wee) - Travel players from 2009 and 2010 and house players from 2008 and 2009 will play in 12U.

Practices: Thursdays

Games: Sunday mornings

Cost: $400


14U/16U/18U (Bantam/Midget) – 14U – 18U aged players will play together in Spring House. Travel players from 2007 and house players from 2006 and older will play in 14U/16U/18U. 

Travel players 2006 and older are encouraged to play with their high school teams, or sign-up for the Reston Raiders High School Team. 

Practices: Mondays

Games: Saturday afternoons and evenings, some Sunday games

    Cost: $400  

If you have any questions about Spring House League, please contact Spring League Director, John Gary at



Spring High School League

High School teams must register as an entire team. Interested players should contact their high school coach or manager. High school team representatives should contact John Sherlock at   for more information and to register. 

If individuals want to play at the high school level but don't have a team they can register for one of the Raiders High School team. The cost for this is $400


by posted 01/24/2021
Raiders - SkateQuest COVID-19 Rink Guidelines

Below are the current COVID-19 Guidelines for entrance to SkateQuest for Reston Raiders Practices and Games:

Face Coverings

  • Face Coverings must be worn at all times while on the premises. This includes Players, Parents, Coaches, & Staff
  • Players may remove face coverings when stepping on the ice, all others must wear face coverings while in SkateQuest and in egress lines.


  • Players Should come to the rink dressed or dress in their vehicle. There are no locker rooms available for dressing
  • Players will be screened & temperature checked by SkateQuest staff, then they may enter the tent/entrance for the rink they're practicing or playing on
  • Once in the tent, players may put on and tie their skates and will then be permitted to enter the rink. Players must bring their skate guards or shoes with them. Nothing may be left in the tent
  • No equipment bags are allowed in the tent
  • Once their game or practice is over, player return to the tent, remove skates and put on shoes. Facecoverings must be put on again while in tent
  • Players should bring a filled water bottle to the rink with them.  No access to water fountains inside the rink



  • Our policy is One (1) parent/guardian per family may accompany their skater(s) into the building (this includes coaches, team managers, scorekeepers, team photographers, etc.).
  • Siblings and other spectators are not permitted. While our spectator policy may seem unreasonable to some, we did not come to this decision lightly. In order to comply with social distancing guidelines, as directed by the CDC, we have determined and marked all locations on both rinks that can safely accommodate spectators, leaving us room for 40 on the OLY & 50 on the NHL.
  • We appreciate if parents can please respect this policy and not attempt to mislead the staff as to who is in the building. We will ask you to leave the facility if there is more than one family member attending an event.


  • Because of the number of people coming and going, please remember tents should be used to tie skates, not dress.
  • They are not to be used as substitute locker rooms. Masks must be worn by both players and parents when in the tent.
  • Bags and shoes may not be left as the tents are continuously being used. 


Additional details may be found at this link:  SkateQuest Phase 3 COVID Guidelines

by posted 12/20/2020
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