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Travel Tryouts will be held May 31st - June 7th 2020

Reston Raiders Travel Try Out Policy
Reston Raiders tryouts are open to any player who is interested in playing travel ice hockey for the Raiders organization. Travel ice hockey teams are more competitive in nature and require a more significant commitment in terms of time (for both player and parent) and cost. Players must be committed to attend 2-3 practices per week and 2 or more games on the weekend.
The Raiders have a very sophisticated evaluation process that plays out over a period of time leading up to and through the tryout sessions.  We feel that we conduct the most thorough, complete, and unbiased tryouts in the area.  Each step of the process is documented below, including:

  • Coach Selection
  • Player Registration
  • Tryout Sessions for Skaters and Goalies
  • Evaluation Process

Coach Selection
Before being announced as a Travel Coach for the Reston Raiders, anyone who is interested in coaching for the Reston Raiders can apply for a position by completing the Head Coach Application found on the Reston Raiders website. The Raiders Coach Selection Committee (CSC) has the responsibility of evaluating all Head Coaching Candidates.  They utilize the submitted applications, Coach Evaluations from the previous season, as well as observations and feedback from watching all of our current coaches.  Based upon those discussions, coaches are selected and offered opportunities to coach a Reston Raiders travel team.  Once the coaching slate has been approved by the CSC, the slate is sent to the Raiders Board of Directors for approval.  Following approval by the Raiders Board of Directors, the coaches are announced on the Reston Raiders website.
Parent vs. Non-Parent Coaches – The Raiders goal is to always slot the best coaching candidates for each of our teams.  We look to place both Parent and Non-Parent coaches on our teams.  If the best candidate to teach our players at a given level is a Parent Coach, then we will place the Parent Coach in that position.  A key component of the CSC evaluations during the Coach Selection Process is whether or not the coach’s son or daughter can play at the level that the team would be placed at (AA, A, B). The Club’s goal is to select coaches whose son or daughter has the ability to play at the level at which the coach is selected. In general, coaches whose children do not have the ability to play at a particular level will not be selected to coach that level. 
All players regardless of experience must register for tryouts and pay the $100 tryout fee.  This year we are waiving the deposit that we’ve required at registration. On the first night of tryouts, all parents will receive the Club’s Financial Agreement (contract).  All players trying out for the Raiders will be required to return the contract on the second night of tryouts.  Players who have not returned a signed Financial Agreement by the third skate will not be allowed to skate nor be selected for any Raiders Travel Team.
The tryout fee can be paid by credit card online only.  Players are encouraged to attend as many tryout sessions as possible, but players must attend two of the sessions in order to be selected for a team.  If sessions are going to be missed, the absence must be communicated by sending an email to   or notify the staff at the registration table.
Players may request to only be considered for a particular team within an age level (example:  Player only wants to be considered for a Blue or top/Major age team, but not the Silver or second team).  This can be noted when registering online or at the check-in table during tryouts.  If a declaration to only be considered for a specific team is made, that player will not be considered for any other team and the player/family will not be contacted and asked if they want to be placed on one of the other teams at that level.  If not selected to the team requested, the Financial Agreement will be voided.

  • If your player is injured and wants consideration they must be registered and pay the tryout fee online.
  •  There will be no walk – in registration allowed.  We will not accept any tryout registrations after May 31st, 2019 (Midnight on Friday May 31st).
  •  Any returning player must have all financial obligations with the club paid in full before taking the ice.
  • Any player who is rostered/under contract with another local Tier II program must have a release from that program in order to tryout at Reston, including returning Raiders.
  • Any former Raider registering to try-out for the 2020-2021 travel season who has played for another Tier 2 travel team in the D.C. area since leaving Raiders must petition the Raiders Board of Directors to return to the Club.  See Return to the Club Policy. Such petitions must be emailed to the Travel Director ( by May 4th, 2020.  

The tryouts will consist of several sessions. All sessions will concentrate on skills and competitive situations. If a player misses a session they will only be evaluated by the sessions they attend. It is highly encouraged that players attend all sessions.  In order to be placed on a team, they must attend at least two sessions, and any absences must be communicated to the Travel Director.


Parent Meeting

There will be a Informational Meetings administered by the Club’s Travel Director, or designated Board Member.  The meeting will discuss the tryout process, club/team expectations, and any other pertinent information deemed necessary, as well as offer an opportunity for any questions parents may have about the club or tryouts. The meetings will be held on May 12th and May 19th at 7 pm at Skatequest
Tryout Sessions
The tryouts will consist of three skates to select our Birth-year Blue Teams.  Players not selected for a Blue Team, would then be eligible to come back and skate in a fourth session to be considered for our age-based Silver and/or Black teams.
Goalies – Goalies should plan to attend our “Goalie Only” session (Sunday May 31st) as well as all sessions at their respective birth years.
During all sessions the players will be placed in skill and game based drills and scrimmages.  The Head coach and a number of additional independent evaluators will assess the players’ performance in those drills and scrimmages.  Following each session the evaluators will meet to discuss each player’s performance during the session.  These sessions will be moderated by a Raiders Board Member or assigned evaluation Moderator who has no personal interest in the outcome of the evaluation and who does not have a son or daughter involved in the tryout. The moderator’s role is to lead the discussion on each player, compile the input of evaluators and ensure that the evaluation process is conducted fairly, without bias and is consistent with the Raiders’ tryout policies. 
All parents & players will follow the process below when arriving at the rink for each tryout session:
First Night

  1. Players check in and receive assigned pinnie.  The pinnie will be kept until the completion of the third session.
  2. Parents will receive the Raiders Financial Agreement outlining the Travel Team fees for the upcoming season.  All Financial Agreements should be returned no later than the start of the third tryout session.  Any players who have not turned in the Financial Agreement will not be placed on a team.

Second Night

  1. Players check in for attendance purposes.
  2. Parents return signed financial agreements.
  3. **NEW** Players who have attended both Night 1 & Night 2 and have been evaluated as solid Blue Team Candidates, will be informaed that they do not need to attend Night Three. This will allow the Coaches & Evaluation Committee to focus on the Bubble Players and finalize the Blue team rosters.

Third and Fourth Night

  1. Players check in for attendance purposes.
  2. Parents return signed financial agreements (if not already turned in).

Evaluation Process
The purpose of tryouts is to evaluate a player's skating ability, hockey skills and commitment to teamwork in order to place him or her on a team that will provide the best environment for improving their self-confidence, skills and enjoyment of the sport of ice hockey. A Board-approved committee of evaluators using a standardized scoring system will assess skating ability and hockey skills at each level during scheduled tryout sessions. With the possible exception of the Head Coach, evaluators may not have a son or daughters involved in the tryout for that team or otherwise have a conflict that could introduce bias into the evaluation process. 
All levels will include a scrimmage component as part of the evaluation process. The previous year’s coach will provide additional input to a player’s respective hockey abilities and understanding of team concepts.  That input will be solicited through standardized coaching evaluation forms that are provided to coaches prior to the completion of the season. 
Following the completion of each session, the Moderator and all evaluators will meet and discuss the play of each individual player on the ice during the session just completed.  Team rosters will be determined following the conclusion of the final tryout session and will be based on all of the discussions held about each player after each of the tryout sessions.  The decision to select or not to select a player will be based on the consensus of all of the evaluators, not the opinion of any single evaluator, including the Head Coach or the moderator assigned to oversee the evaluation process. 
If parents or players have questions about a player’s tryout evaluation, they may contact the Raiders Travel Director.

Roster Announcement
All travel team rosters will be announced on the Reston Raiders website within 24 hours of the completion of the third or final evaluation skate.  At the time the rosters are posted to the website, the Financial Agreement goes into effect.  Any players who seek a release, must pay the full season fee in order to receive a release.

All selected players following announcement of rosters must go the Raiders website and register for the upcoming season.  A $500 first payment toward 2020-2021 team fees will be due at that time.
Questions related to this policy can be directed to the Raiders Travel Director,