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Handouts from Coach Roe's Nov. 24th clinic on "scoring"
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Some of you know that scoring may be the must under taught skill in hockey. For the past year or so I've been preaching that our coaches should teach players rules of scoring. Now, I don't actually know how many rules there are about scoring but I do know they are not often written down and shared. So here goes............. some rules on scoring. Feel free to add others.
1. Teach players to shoot with screens
2. Teach players to shoot with "puck eyes" not puck carrier eyes.
3. Focus on scoring on the hard places. No one shoots there. These areas include just inside the arms, 6 & 7 holes. What other areas can you think of?
4. Teach players to roof it in tight.
5. If the goalie gives you near side, shoot right away. If not, pick far post.
6. Teach players to shoot against the grain.... ala Gretzky move.
7. Teach players to go to the net and stop. But be consistent in your application of this rule. In other words, every practice, all year.
8. Teach players to shoot with their feet moving. This is hard so stay with it. Goalies always know that when the feet stop moving, a shot is coming.
9. Teach players that 70% of all goals are scored from below the knee.

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