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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I get information about your hockey programs?

Visit www.restonraiders.com. Select "Programs" from the top menu to select a tab from the drop-down menu for more information about our House and Travel hockey programs.


How do I register for your House hockey program?

Registration is online at www.restonraiders.com. To register, players will need a 2019-20 USAH Registration Number (Register for a current USAH # HERE). To be added to a waitlist, a USAH number is not needed. A confirmation email will be sent when you complete the registration process.


Who can register for your House programs?

Our 8U and 10U House programs are open to any child with previous hockey experience.  Previous hockey experience includes formal organized hockey experience (i.e. more than individual or group lessons). Without formal organized hockey experience, your child must first graduate from our Learn to Play program prior to playing in our House program.  All House players must possess basic abilities to play ice hockey in a safe manner and are subject to an evaluation.


How do I create an online account?

An online account is created during the registration process. Once your family has an online account, you can add additional family members when signed in to your account and selecting "Add Child" or "Add Guardian."


How do I get a USAH registration #?

Visit www.usahockeyregistration.com. Select Register Now to register or renew. Players must register each season. (Register for a current USAH # HERE).


How do I register for your Travel hockey program?

Try outs for Fall Travel teams are held in the spring prior to the fall season. Details are posted on the website in late winter/early spring. Registration for try-outs is open to returning and new members.


When can I register for your House hockey program?

Online registration for Spring House opens on January 15 for returning Fall members and February 1 for new members. Online registration for Fall House opens on June 15 for returning Fall members and July 1 for new members. Detailed information regarding registration is posted on the website prior to registration dates.


To register, players will need a current USAH registration number. A USAH # is not needed to be added to the waitlist, only to register. (Register for a current USAH # HERE).


We extend returning player status to siblings of returning/current players. If you are unsure about when your player can register, please contact the Registrar at  

I'd like my son/daughter to play outside their birth year level.  Is this possible?

The Raiders are a birth year program in both House and Travel leagues, and except in rare instances approved by the Board, we do not allow players to play up or down from their birth year.


How do I create an online account?

An online account is created during the Online Registration process. A family member can be added to an existing online account by logging in to My Account and selecting "Add Child" or "Add Guardian."


I'm having trouble logging into my online account.

First, submit a request to create a new password. Please do not create a duplicate account. Online accounts are associated with past registrations, which may be a prerequisite for registration. If you create a duplicate account, it will possibly show your player as ineligible to register because there is no registration history associated with the duplicate account. If you do not receive a new password, this is not the email you used to create your profile so please try one of your other email accounts.


My player’s name, birth date, email or other contact information is incorrect.

This information is entered and managed by you. To change it, you will need to login and click on “My Account” at the top of the screen. Then, click on the name of the person whose information you wish to change.


My player’s grade is incorrect.

This is a system-generated field. We can't control it and we do NOT use this for anything so you may disregard the grade level.


I am getting an error with my USA Hockey number:

Check both systems and ensure that the data is an exact match.  If you mis-entered your player’s birth date or other information with USA Hockey you will need to contact them at   to correct it.


When I log in, I do not see my child's account.

It is possible that your account became unassociated with your child's account, or it is possible that you have a duplicate account that needs to be merged with your original account. Please email    for further assistance.


What is the cost of your House program?

Read about the House program details, including costs.


I registered but not yet pay. How can I make payment?

Sign in to your Raiders account, using the “Sign In” button on the top right of the webpage. Do not go through online registration again.  Select “Edit My Account” from the bottom left menu to pay your family balance. If there is a balance due on your account, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and select “Pay Now” to make payment.


What form of payment is accepted?

Payment is made by credit card during the registration process. A confirmation of payment is sent by email.


When do House teams practice?

Refer to the online practice schedule HERE.


When are House games scheduled?

Read about the House program details, including tentative schedule.


My child wants to learn how to play hockey.

RRHC offers a Learn to Play Program for children ages 4-10. Read more about our Learn to Play Program athttps://leagueathletics.com/Page.asp?n=4168&org=WWQW.RESTONRAIDERS.COM


My child has been waitlisted. What's next?

We often see movement on our waitlist in late summer/early fall. We cannot guarantee a spot but make every effort to move players off the waitlist. If a spot becomes available, you will receive an email notification and will pay at that time to accept the spot.


Need further assistance with registration? 
Email  .


Need further assistance with payment? 
Email  .