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House Bantam/Midget Policy
(BOD approved September 2015)

Effective beginning in the 2015-16 season, the following rules shall apply to the House Bantam and Midget Program:






Prompt Coach Actions


Loss of Ice-Time


Standards of Conduct Committee (aka Disciplinary Committee (DC))

Review and Action

DC has full authority to discipline players beyond the limits contained in this policy.

Player accumulates 10 penalties total for the season.

Suspension for next full game.

Player must see DC. DC may adjust next applicable penalty threshhold (15).  

Player accumulates 15 penalties total for season.

Suspension for next 2 full games.

Player must see DC.

*Player accumulates 20 penalties total for the season.

*Suspension for remainder of current season.

No action required by DC, but Player may ask DC for reinstatement to current season.

*Player recklessly or intentionally injures  another player in a game, practice or off-ice encounter.

Coach (head or asst) must file injury report within 48 hours of incident, regardless of penalty being called or outcome of injury.  (Injury reports are on Raiders website, far left column).


*2 incidents shall cause immediate suspension for remainder of season.

First incident: Player must see DC.  


If suspended upon 2nd  incident, no action required by DC, but Player may ask DC for reinstatement to current season only.

*Game Misconduct and Fighting


-1st Incident: Suspension for next 2 full games.

* 2nd Incident/Fighting: Suspension for next 5 games.

* 3rd Incident/Fighting:  Suspension for remainder of season.

(Existing House Rules apply)

Player must see DC on 1st and 2nd incident, who may lift suspensions.


If suspended upon 3rd incident, no action required by DC, but Player may ask DC for reinstatement to current season only.

(Existing House Rules apply)

Gross and Match Misconduct

Suspension for thirty (30 days).

(Existing House Rules apply)

Player must see DC.

(Existing House Rules apply)


See RRHC House Rules:  “Reston Raider House Program games are played and officiated in accordance with USA Hockey Official Playing Rules.  USA Hockey Official Playing Rules are the rules of play unless they conflict with a House Rule, in which case the House Rule takes precedence. . . .  All game, match and gross misconduct penalties will be reviewed by the Standards of Conduct Committee (aka Discipline Committee or “DC”) and appropriate action will be taken in accordance with, but not in conflict with, the USA Hockey Official Playing rules and the Reston Raider Code of Ethics.”

*Players who have (1) accumulated more than 20 penalties in the course of a season, (2) injured two (2) or more players over the course of a season or (3) received two (2) or more fighting major penalties in a season may not register for subsequent Raider programs unless the DC has reviewed and recommended reinstatement to the Board of Directors.  Coaches may caucus at the end of the season to identify additional players of concern to the DC, who should require DC review/recommendation to BOD for future Raider programs.

Bantam and Midget Coaches shall inform their players of this policy before commencement of the season. Families agreed to this language at registration:  REMOVAL FROM HOUSE PROGRAM FOR RECKLESS/ DANGEROUS PLAY: I agree that my child's participation in the RRHC House League is conditioned on his/her abiding by the letter and spirit of the rules of USA Hockey as they apply to on-ice and locker room participation.  I understand that reckless or dangerous behavior by my child will be grounds for immediate removal from the RRHC House League, without refund.  Reckless play will solely be determined by the RRHC and is not subject to appeal.