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Click Here to View Raiders Injury Policy - UPDATED June 2019

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There is no such thing as a non-contact practice at Raiders! 

Reston Raiders Club Policy requires a player returning to a practice or game from concussion to be cleared by a medical professional (includes athletic trainer) for FULL CONTACT.   So prior return-to-play stages must be done outside of a Raiders on-ice practice or game. 

Recommended options for return to play (RTP) stages, depending on level of clearance given by medical providers, are as follows:

1. PHDIce -- Ice Hockey Concussion Return to Play Program:  http://phdice.com/headlines/concussion-return-to-play/

This is the best option.  Players do drills in controlled setting with 1-to-1 instruction at each stage.  Drills are appropriate for specific level of return-to-play clearance given by medical provider.  

2. Public Skate or Stick & Shoot sessions anywhere (Skatequest, Ashburn, Kettler, Prince William, Haymarket, Cabin John, Rockville, etc). 

Skatequest public skate schedule:  http://www.skatequest.com/schedule-public/ 

Good only for first steps back onto ice (earlier stages).  

**These options are intended as a resource for families of injured Raiders. This list is not a substitute for medical advice, and nothing on this list overrides instructions from a medical provider. ‚Äč