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Heads Up, Don't Duck USA Hockey Video (5 minutes):  Heads Up Video

12 On-ice Injury Prevention Tips (5 minute portion of ThinkFirst SMART HOCKEY Video) 
hyperlink to here: On-Ice Tips Video
Concussions 101 - A Primer for Kids and Parents (5 minutes)
hyperlink to here: Concussions 101 Video

ThinkFirst SMART HOCKEY Video on Concussions (26 minutes):
hyperlink to here: Think First Video

King Devick on Today Show (4 minutes):  King Devick Video

Concussions in Hockey:  Signs, Symptoms and Playing Safe (by NHL, NAN, NATA) (12 minutes):  Concussions In Hockey Video

Sports-Related Concussions in Youth -- Changing the Culture (1.5 min), featuring one of our own Reston Raiders! Sports-Related Concussions